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About us.

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Polish Center of John Paul II in Clearwater has existed since 1995. We have beautiful large facilities where members of our organization and guests can spend time in good company. They can laugh while watching artists perform or relax at other events. We celebrate national holidays: the adoption of the Constitution on May 3 or the Independence Day in November, we celebrate custom celebrations such as Harvest Festival, Święconka or Oplatek. The Polish Center hosts events and games organized jointly with  local Polish organizations. Our rooms are used by other organizations for meetings, rehearsals or performances.

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The premises of the Polish Center are the seat of the Polish Saturday School. Maria Curie Skłodowska.Maintenance of facilities and operation  The activities of the Polish Center are possible thanks to the commitment of many people who help in various areas without remuneration: they are on duty in the office, cook Sunday dinners, edit and print the Bulletin and websites, take care of the Library, prepare performances for various national and religious holidays, make repairs and improvement of facilities and adjacent areas. Many people help the Center financially. At this point, we cannot forget about Alfons Królikowski, who is the greatest benefactor of the Polish Centre. He bequeathed $142,125 and his home (sold for $54,127) in his will. The total donation amounted to $196,252.

Membership information

We encourage everyone to join the group members of the Polish Center. To do this, print, fill and send to Centrum 1521 North Saturn Avenue,  Clearwater FL 33755) membership application available on the link below:

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